Best USB Microphone 2014 – And The Winner Is…



Not so long ago when you wanted to record good quality audio on your computer it was all very complicated. First you had to buy yourself a sound card/audio interface. Then you had to buy something called a microphone preamp and of course you had to buy a microphone. Then you had to work out how to get everything working, you had to install drivers for your soundcard and connect all the cables in the right way.

Well now everything is much simpler. With a USB microphone you simply plug it in and start using it so if you want a microphone for chatting on skype or gaming, for recording a podcast, voiceovers or if you are a musician and want to record your instrument or sing then there is a USB microphone that’s right for you. It’s like having a recording studio in a mic. But what is the best usb microphone? Which one is the best buy? Well that’s the general theme of this website so hopefully you’ll find some useful information here.

Firstly let’s look at what most other people buy.

The Most Popular USB Microphone

I am a firm believer in the wisdom of crowds.

Since we have data on what usb microphones are purchased by our website visitors I thought it would be interesting for our readers to see what USB mics you are all buying.

I collected the data crunched and the numbers for sales between May 2013 and September 2013. Unsurprisingly the chart is dominated by the 4 big brands in the USB microphone market – Blue Microphones, Audio Technica, MXL and Samson account for 95% of sales with other mics accounting for only 5% of purchases.

The most popular usb microphone at the moment is the Yeti from Blue Microphones and deservedly so because it’s a cracking mic.

Here is an interactive pie chart of the best selling usb mics of 2013, you can click to get complete reviews.


Comparison Chart

As you can see above those 10 usb mics account for 95% of purchases so it’s likely that you’ll find a usb mic to suit you from that list.

For a more detail comparison of features I created this chart. Click here to see our full list of usb mics




Important Points

  • USB Mics Connect easily to your pc via the USB socket
  • USB Microphones are frequently designed for recording voice.
  • USB Microphones often have a headphone socket for monitoring
  • Simple to setup and use. Simply plug in and they are ready to use.

In addition to creating the Ultimate USB Mic Comparison chart I also blog regularly about the usb mic market. I review new usb mics when I can get my hands on them and I also write informative articles on subjects relating to common uses of usb mics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a USB Microphone?

A USB Microphone is a microphone that has been built to include both a Audio/Digital converter and a microphone preamp into the body of the USB microphone. This means that if you want high quality audio recordings on you computer you simply plug the USB Mic into a usb port on your computer and you are ready to start.

How Do I Choose The Right USB Mic For Me?

The right usb mic depends on what you want to use it for. You can buy cheaper USB mics to simply improve the quality of your skype or voip calls but these might not be suitable for creating podcasts or music recording.

Many USB Microphones are designed to work well recording voice and this makes them great tools for creating audio or video podcasts and webinars. The quality of the microphone you use for creating media has a big impact in the the professionalism of your finished product.

Can You Record Music And Songs With A USB Microphone?

USB Mics are great for getting started recording musical instruments, singing and recording songs. With some patience and some audio software you can create great sounding music from your living room or on location.

Checkout this song that was recorded entirely with a Blue Yeti.

What Is The Best Usb Mic for vocals?

The best usb mic for vocals might depend on the actual voice you are going to record with it. We have more advice and some potential mics here.

What Is Your Favorite USB Microphone?

Currently for me the leader of the pack is the Blue Yeti Pro.